Alex Benyon

Simon’s Story

As far as I can work out, my depression started when I was 14 years old just after my Father died. I say “as far as I can work out” because it was only much later on in life that I actually realised that I was depressed. I had always been an anxious child, shy …

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Naomi’s Story

I’d say I’ve probably been an anxious person my whole life, but would always put it down to general worry about this thing or that thing. It wasn’t until my late 20s that things peaked and I experienced my first panic attack, which honestly scared the crap out of me! One of my issues is …

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Peter’s Story

I was finally diagnosed with bipolar after 3 admissions to hospital and almost 11 months spent on the mental health wards. I was also told by psychiatrists at the time of leaving hospital that I probably wouldn’t be able to work again. Tools and practices, I feel, are so vital to recovery and wellbeing, we …

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